This family-friendly program, appropriate for all ages, will present the inspiring story of how the people of Logan Heights / Barrio Logan built San Diego’s uniquely beautiful and internationally famous Chicano Park. Together they stood their ground and reclaimed their neighborhood, all the way to the bay / hasta la bahía.

Date: Sep-28-2021
Time: 6:30PM

“George Washington, America’s Indispensable Founding Father” by Blaine Davies

Despite a mediocre military record, George Washington became commander of the Continental Army. He did not write the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, and yet he not only became our first President, but is also justifiably recognized as the Father of Our Country. 

Date: May-25-2021
Time: 6:00PM


“The ‘Snakewall Property’ is one of the two features people ask us about the most,” says Del Mar Historical Society president Larry Brooks. So what is the story of this 22-acre walled estate that extends from the northern end of the Del Mar ridge eastward into the San Dieguito River Valley? Was the high concrete wall that surrounds the estate really built to keep snakes out, or for something else entirely? Who built it, why, and when? Join us as author Brier Miller Minor answers these questions and more.

Date: Mar-23-2021
Time: 6:30 pm

Coral Reef Curiosities: Intrigue, Deception & Wonder on the Reef & Beyond with Chuck Weikert

Whether you’re a diver, a snorkeler or an armchair traveler, join author Chuck Weikert as he reveals the fascinating secret lives of the world’s coral reef animals in pictures and story. He’ll also explore the cultural, historical and scientific importance of these fascinating creatures — past, present, and looking ahead to the future. Weikert spent 13 years of his career developing programs for visitors to Virgin Islands National Park. More recently you may have seen him hosting the Kelp Forest Dive Show at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. For all ages. Mask, snorkel and fins optional. Sense of wonder and curiosity required.

Indulge your curiosity by typing questions into the Q&A box, to be answered at the end of the show. (Your microphone and camera will not be activated during the webinar. So you can attend in your PJs if you like, with your dog snoring softly in the background.)

Date: Dec-10-2020
Time: 7:00pm

Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea: Why the Conflict?

What is the reason for the current territorial disputes between Russia and Ukraine?

Date: Feb-11-2020
Time: 6:00pm

The Rockin Cranberries

The Full Measure Carolers have been providing holiday entertainment throughout San Diego County for over 25 years. The Rockin’ Cranberries is the company’s lively jazz quartet ensemble which adds just the right amount of pop and spirit to the holidays by playing holly, jolly handchimes to accompany their beautiful singing. It’s a most joyous way to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Date: Dec-17-2019
Time: 6:00pm

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